Levin Pfeufer

BA(Hons) MA Graphic Manager

Levin received his masters’ degree in Communication Design from Patt Institute, New York City in 2000. Prior to, during, and following his formal education Levin worked constantly in a wide range of graphic design markets.

He has created logos for corporate and non-profit clients, contributed illustrations for magazines and books, and images for clothing; designed brochures, music packaging, posters, magazines, and websites, and composed music for a number of clients including those working in radio and film. He has art directed and design managed large teams working on projects that varied greatly in size and discipline.

Levin joined tp bennett in 2004 and co-manages the Graphics division. He is involved in a wide range of graphics projects for both internal and external clients and his work plays an integral part in securing new jobs and furthering the profile of the company as a design-led practice.